Hyperdimension Neptunia; After-E

aka "wow it's been a long time"

It’s politics time in Oasis! The election for next councilman upon the death of one of them has begun with a roaring success. There are three big candidates:

Paranell, one of the few old Elves who haven’t descended to savagery.
David, a simple farm man who represents the common man.
Kris, a community-minded visionary who wishes to see society united.

Using Argent’s anklet of gender reversal, he’s managed to work his way into the good graces of one of the councilmen, a man named Benny. He seems to be responsible for the agriculture of the local area, and has a huge greenhouse attached to his Blackstone home. He experiments on plants to create fascinating and above all useful combinations, and intends to find the best most cost-effective way to repair Blackstone buildings.
Which has been refused by the Council. Multiple times. Jerks.

Argent went into the House Brain via the connection and heard of some neato rocks in the surrounding area, so he went out and got hisself a crew to help dig em up for the house to use!

All in all, a lot of town shennanigans. No adventures yet.

Gonna update the map to make it bigger and have more stuff in it.

Still haven’t worked on cooking or a proper house building thing, but we did add two new potential buildings!

  • The walk-in closet! Plan out and fabricate dream outfits after paying a cost.
  • The molding station! Make small objects for personal use around the house without having to leave the house to buy them.


Grimdork Grimdork

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