My Travel Diary <3

The story so far

After some messing around with time wishes, politics, and a friendly man named Benny, Argent finally decided to really get out there in the world and start making some treasure. A mysterious boat docked at his house, along with a beetle ranch, and a gate through the Blackstone walls to the outside.

He’s beginning to put the pieces together, literally. The pieces of his armour. He recently attained the boots after a week and a half out wandering the wastes, getting attacked by basilisks and strange cheetahs, and befriending an odd bunch of strangely intelligent, wintry horses. To get the boots he had to defeat some manner of metal tree at the bottom of a thorny Blackstone structure, empty of almost all life.

The actual effects of the boots (and his decision to keep the horses) remains to be seen, but that’s part of the fun. Now he’s on his way to get more of the pieces, taking Jocasta, Livural, and Claudette on an away mission on the maiden voyage of the Sunskimmer.

Wish him luck. He’ll need it, where he’s going.

Also, I’m posting on his account because it is very late, he is asleep, and I can’t be assed to login on my own account on this laptop.


Grimdork Auric

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