Plant Thief

Stealing back plants and growing trees.

Argent went into the forest and retrieved a stolen plant for a satyr druid. He also stole several other plants, which I’m going to give a synopsis of here so I don’t forget.

He stole 5 plants, including the one he was meant to steal. The plants are:

  • Brown and blue-ish, leafless, thorny plant. In the winter it gets covered by small white blossoms, which look a lot like the leaves off of nettles but are actually a flower.
  • Looks just like bluebells, only more of a light blue fading into white. They actually glow, as well. Weird little yellow lights (pollen??) float around the outside.
  • Just some common garden tiger lilies.
  • Looks like pink dendobrium orchids, only they glow faintly with a fey light (how the hell you differentiate “fey” and “magic” light is up to be determined).
  • Resembles a small tree with branches, though instead of leaves it’s sprouted a flower that resembles the plumeria puu kahea.

After getting approximately 400,000 gold from his cleric for her work with the questionably injured, he’s all set to make the house more house-like. Things are looking up, financially. Looking down when I realize I need to make a map that I can edit consistently.

Time to gear up and head out into the wild to fill in the blank section of a map given to him by a crazy cartographer gnome. Oh the fun we have.


Grimdork Grimdork

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