The First Post

i.e. "Time to summarize so I don't forget anything"

Argent inherits a house and some money from his great-uncle Aurum, and takes on his name as master of the house.

He then goes on a series of adventures which include delving into a crypt to attempt to find a magic weapon, recruiting an ever-growing squad of girls including a blacksmithing apprentice fighter, an insane ranger, the daughter of two Watch captains, a catfolk cleric, a rogue sorceress with a heart of gold, and a sexually open Drow, hunting down a crater on a map and fighting a necromancer, slowly accumulating a bunch of able-bodied servants, and going to a party where most of the people there want to kill him simply for the land he inheritted.

Right now, psion needs money badly.


Grimdork Grimdork

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