Crossbow of Imbuement

Heavy Repeating Crossbow that can be imbued with Psionic powers

weapon (ranged)

This crossbow is shaped from a dark, almost ebony wood, with waves and threads of crimson flowing through it’s grain, and polished to a high sheen. The arms are thick, and along the front of them are dark carvings that appear to be stylized eyes that sit on either side of the heavy iron stirrup, which itself sits just below the narrow firing deck and the ammunition box above. At the tips of the bow staves are steel caps, upon which the heavy cable for the bow is attached. Carvings follow the sides of the crossbow all the way back to the trigger mechanism and stock, the butt of which is padded in a dark material, which appears to be leather. Along it’s length there appear to be places for added embellishments, though they appear to have been removed sometime in the past.

With the bow there is also a quiver, one that appears to attach to a belt at the thigh. The quiver is made of the same dark leather as the covering on the stock, with both two belt loops on the top, and a heavy belt with a buckle at the bottom where it straps to the thigh. it also has a lid, to prevent bolts from falling out when the bow isn’t being fired.


Crossbow of Imbuement

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