Sand skipper for skipping on sand.


Colossal sand-skimmer
165′×30′×18′(33×15 sq.)

AC: 2
Hardness: 5
HP: 2,500 (Propulsion system 560)
Maximum Speed: 140 ft (wind) (Acceleration 30 ft)
CMB: +10, CMD 27
Ramming Damage: 8d10

Propulsion: Wind
Sailing Check: None
Control Device: Steering wheel
Means of Propulsion: Sails
Crew: 15
Decks: 3 (Main, Lower, Bilge)
Cargo/Passengers: 200 tons/175 passengers


The first thing seen is it’s figurehead, which is that of an androgynous creature with high cheekbones, a hawkish nose, and a calmly beatific expression on it’s face. it’s eyes are closed, and it’s arms are crossed across it’s bare chest, it’s lower body melding into the smokey material of the main ship. Erupting from it’s shoulders are a pair of wings that are a beutiful melding of reptilian scales and angelic feathers, massive and stretching across the ship’s prow.

The ship itself is sleek and narrow, 18’ off the sand, and 30’ wide. The vessels it uses for stability are only maybe 3’, and 12’ wide, and connected to the main vessel with both a pair of metal beams that curve downwards to meet the pontoon boats, and have a mesh strung between them for walking, as well as a single cable to grasp when walking along them. The vessels all have railings made of more of that smoky stone.

At the aft of the main vessel, there’s what appears to be a well appointed captain’s cabin, with what looks like an egg shaped chair set into the rear wall in the centre of the room. A bed is on the right, a desk is in front of the door, and what looks like an enclosed washroom is on the left, with everything made of the same smoky stone, only inside it has reddish veining to break the blandness of the grey/black. The bed is made of oak, as are all the furnishings, and the egg shaped chair has slots in it for the sitter’s legs, and has slots in the side for arms. It almost looks like it could close around the sitter.

Above the captain’s cabin is what looks like a steering wheel, and just aft of the thick mast is a hatch that leads to a set of stairs. Inside the ship is a lot of storage space, as well as what looks like a number of small cabins, enough for someone to sleep, with a small table/desk that folds into the wall, and a chair that folds up and hangs on a pair of hooks. There’s also a decent sized storage compartment under the bed, and at the rear of the vessel there’s a head and a well appointed if compact galley.

The pontoon boats also have storage space beneath their decks, though these ones are lockable, and at the prow of them there are a pair of wolf-themed gargoyles snarling and leaning over the bow, as if into the wind.

A hunk of the house’s magic passed into the ship, so the house’s abilities are available on the ship and in a small sphere around it.


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