haha whoops

Argent got hisself kidnapped for two weeks, fed enough drugs to alter the mind of a particularly strong-willed horse, and dropped back at the capital in time for a festival. After psychically enslaving the entire city when the darker side of his powers got forced out via his heavy dosage, he got bonked on the head by Yasmin and treated for a day or so. When he got out, he sort of sent a psychic message into the minds of everyone there, utilizing the power of his home base, telling everyone that he would find his enemies and do some terrible things.

Everybody’s taking it pretty hard right now.

On the bright side, the orc encampment he got set out to scout for magic weapons came up with something, so shortly before he left Lydia ended up getting her journeyman status, as per the usual test. Claudette moved in successfully, with enough space to look after her platoon of orphans. He also got some more money from the mapmaker Timaeus, as well as another map.

This means he’s off on a road trip across several new areas, so it will be less capital news and more dungeon news next time I update this thing. That will probably make it interesting.

Plant Thief
Stealing back plants and growing trees.

Argent went into the forest and retrieved a stolen plant for a satyr druid. He also stole several other plants, which I’m going to give a synopsis of here so I don’t forget.

He stole 5 plants, including the one he was meant to steal. The plants are:

  • Brown and blue-ish, leafless, thorny plant. In the winter it gets covered by small white blossoms, which look a lot like the leaves off of nettles but are actually a flower.
  • Looks just like bluebells, only more of a light blue fading into white. They actually glow, as well. Weird little yellow lights (pollen??) float around the outside.
  • Just some common garden tiger lilies.
  • Looks like pink dendobrium orchids, only they glow faintly with a fey light (how the hell you differentiate “fey” and “magic” light is up to be determined).
  • Resembles a small tree with branches, though instead of leaves it’s sprouted a flower that resembles the plumeria puu kahea.

After getting approximately 400,000 gold from his cleric for her work with the questionably injured, he’s all set to make the house more house-like. Things are looking up, financially. Looking down when I realize I need to make a map that I can edit consistently.

Time to gear up and head out into the wild to fill in the blank section of a map given to him by a crazy cartographer gnome. Oh the fun we have.

The First Post
i.e. "Time to summarize so I don't forget anything"

Argent inherits a house and some money from his great-uncle Aurum, and takes on his name as master of the house.

He then goes on a series of adventures which include delving into a crypt to attempt to find a magic weapon, recruiting an ever-growing squad of girls including a blacksmithing apprentice fighter, an insane ranger, the daughter of two Watch captains, a catfolk cleric, a rogue sorceress with a heart of gold, and a sexually open Drow, hunting down a crater on a map and fighting a necromancer, slowly accumulating a bunch of able-bodied servants, and going to a party where most of the people there want to kill him simply for the land he inheritted.

Right now, psion needs money badly.


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