Claudette Diana Vance

Claudette is a Human Sorcerer with the archetype of the Tattooed Sorcerer and of the accursed bloodline. Claudette is known as the “Queen of Rags”, as wherever she goes she’s clothed in a dress made of ragged, dirty patches sewn together. To the world she claims it’s from the clothing of every person she’s ever killed, but to her children she tells them it’s made up of scraps from all their clothes so that she can “carry a piece of them with her, wherever she goes”. Admittedly, no one knows which is the truth. Accompanying her ensemble is a pair of steel-toed boots, because “a girl can’t go wrong with a well-placed kick.”


Claudette was born of a union between her prostitute mother and her unknown father. Unwanted, she was dropped at an orphanage as an infant, and raised in the hellish conditions of the Capital’s orphanages. There she gained a hatred for them, and she dreamed daily of a way to escape.

Her way out showed itself in the form of her powers, which manifested when she was very young. When she couldn’t stop making the walls bleed and the lights flicker on and off, she was beaten into unconsciousness out of sheer panic. She woke in an empty room devoid of windows, and there she spent the next week. During her solitary confinement she practiced until she could control her new-found abilities, and when they came to take her out she had formulated a plan.

The same night, she escaped after they put her to bed. In the streets, she sought refuge in alleyways or on empty porches for the night, where people hopefully wouldn’t see her. As she began to starve, her begging turned to stealing. Mostly pick-pocketing, as she was fast and could distract people with her magic. Theft turned to trickery, and she started telling fortunes and playing rigged games of chance to earn enough to feed herself. By then she was too big to sleep in alleyways, and she started taking refuge in the sewers.

The absurdly spacious sewers below the Capital were a maze, and she began to know them so well that people who chased her inside got hopelessly lost trying to find her. There were others who lived there, but she knew them well and could avoid them easily when she wanted to. An unclaimed Old World building became her home base, and she stored her ill-gotten gains there.

When she was settled into her ways and making more money than she adequately knew what to do with, she began to adopt children from around the city. First the ones who were turned away by the orphanages, then even stealing some who were obviously unable to cope with the harsh life. She kept them in the sewers, teaching them her secret ways around and using her money to keep them fed.

Soon her income was barely enough to support the children she had, and she had to turn to more desperate measures. Some of the older kids pressed her into committing more grand thefts on specifically rich households, but when one house got one of the kids killed and many more injured she kept them out of the business, resigning herself to work even harder. She turned to prostitution, panhandling, street-side magic shows, more pick-pocketing from higher-risk targets, outright theft from stores, and often offering her services as a sorceress to pick up more gold.

Her reputation grew among the criminal underground, many organized criminals trying to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Queen of Rags as she flitted from one crime to the next with impossible versatility. She continually confounds the Watch, who find her brand of magic appears to be geared specifically towards misdirection and escape.


Claudette projects a rough exterior, but it’s for show. Inside is a sensitive, compassionate woman trying to hold her composure together in difficult situations. She’s never had any problem getting her hands dirty to do what’s necessary for survival, and the more she thinks about the faces of those who depend on her, the easier it gets to ignore any squeamishness.

Thrust into maturity at a young age, she’s never really had the time to relax and have what other people call fun. She doesn’t have much in the ways of interests, as free time has been a luxury she can’t afford. The only real thing resembling a hobby would be her continual improvement and exploration of her powers.

Claudette is Chaotic Neutral

Claudette uses her chaotic nature to her advantage. Her stage persona swoops in from the darkness and grants visions of terror in the minds of her enemies, scaring them long enough to make away with the loot. It’s always been about causing a stir in the minds of people. Though this is what she projects she’s quite capable of being calm and rational, and often prefers her quiet time sitting on a rooftop or the hours just before she falls asleep in a pile of children.

Though her criminal actions could paint her as immediately evil, it’s been for a good cause. She’s too jaded to really believe in any kind of “good”, and she remains firmly on the Neutral side of the scale.

Claudette Diana Vance

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