It’s unsure how long the Residential has been in the city, nor is its true purpose clear, but everyone agrees its presence was very convenient. A lot of differently shaped buildings littering the sands were ideal places for settlers to scurry at night. Then eventually they just stayed.

Now they’re a patchwork of blackstone and tents, ever expanding as families and the population does. There simply isn’t enough room to accommodate that much population growth, a fact which the city council is growing increasingly upset about. There would be a great deal of money and prestige in figuring out how to solve the city council’s problem.

The racial makeup of the residential district is so dense and varied it’s impossible to give adequate percentages. All sorts come to Oasis, and past prejudices died with society. This does not mean, of course, that new prejudices won’t spring up eventually, but for now everyone is one big happy family.

The class structure doesn’t matter so much, because everyone in the household usually is willing to share their money with the rest. While this is true in the residential district, in the higher end parts (far removed, of course, from the common man) are a hive of desperation to cling to power and undercutting the other person. A lot of people are honestly glad they don’t have wealth, for fear of entering that world.


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